Toyota has long been a leader in the field. The company has shown us how it's possible to continually innovate and create better vehicles while keeping prices reasonable. At Firelands Toyota near Elyria, we carry many kinds of Toyota models. We're impressed by the entire lineup, as each car, truck, and SUV have something special to offer.

Explore Our New Inventory

Our SUVs have been very popular for many years. The RAV4, in particular, is a model that many Elyria customers are interested in. The new RAV4 has an edgy exterior and many premium components, but what's better is that it can come with several different powertrains, all of which are quite capable. The standard engine has more than 200 horsepower, and the hybrid and plug-in hybrid versions are even more powerful. All-wheel drive is available, and so are a number of components designed to improve performance in rugged conditions. The cabin of the RAV4 is comfortable and has plenty of cargo room in the back.

Discover New Toyota Sedans Near Elyria

If you don't need a truck or SUV, we have many choices for you to consider. Our cars and hatchbacks are practical, stylish, and filled with modern components. The Corolla and Camry are some of the most well-known sedans we have. They're efficient, even if you get a traditional powertrain and not a hybrid one, so the long-term savings in terms of fuel consumption is an added bonus. The Camry is a bit larger than the Corolla. It may be the one to pick if you'll have adults or teens riding in the back seat with you. On the flip side, the Corolla is the more affordable option. Both can come with advanced infotainment systems and comprehensive safety packages.

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In addition to the Toyota RAV4, Corolla, and Camry, we have many other models in our new inventory. If you need any assistance in deciding which model might be right for you, please don't hesitate to reach out. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff members welcome the opportunity to help you. We can set you up with a test drive at a time that's convenient for you.